Nudibranchs vs. Football

Nudibranchs vs. Football
If you look close when you snorkel or scuba dive in Kauai you might find a bunch of worms! They are a tad bit prettier than the worms you may find in your garden. Nature makes some pretty impressive looking creatures and why these flat worms are so colorful, I am not sure but they are awesome to look at!

Nudibranchs vs. Football

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I know most people will watch football today on the TV which I like, because it there are less people out in the water surfing or diving! Plus I do not own a TV so I can't watch the game, anyway. I will miss all the colorful commercials and pretty cheerleaders but I get to go diving today and look at the awesome nudibranchs!

These marine slugs are actually quite aggressive with each other just like the football teams and they protect their own grassy turf from other nudibranchs just like football. They have bright colors so they would show up well on TV and they chase each other up and down the field trying to steel each others food. Why I like watching nudibranchs vs football is they actually have a purpose to what they are doing and I do not have to go to a bar with a bunch of drunk people screaming at a TV to watch them.

Someday come out with me and watch the nudibranchs play their sports quietly under the waves. You would be amazed as to what you might see.