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    Daily diving expeditions and scientific monitoring, research and testing of the reef conditions are funded entirely by donation. Also updating of the websites with current information and many hours of editing video are possible because of generous supporters like yourself.

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    10 Comments on “CONTACT

    1. Aloha!
      I’ve ran across your videos while looking for info on the galapagos shark at tunnels and wanted to know if you ever need help with any diving? I live south side in Kalaheo, so I’m not super close and I do work a lot out of Waimea doing Na Pali tours. O yeah, I’m a divemaster, so I know how to dive!

      Nick Croft

    2. Hi Terry,

      We met the beginning of last week when you were shooting video at Pila’a beach. My wife and I live on the Pflugger ranch just a couple of minutes from that beach (We own a parcel there with a small home on it). You also explained about the appearance of a bacterial infection that was not only killing coral through the release of toxins, but is a possible source of infections in humans. (My background is biochem). You mentioned some names, but I forgot where to find them. If it’s not too much trouble, perhaps you could shoot me in the right direction for further research?
      Hope to see you again. The results at Anini are pretty disturbing– to say the least.


      Chris & Betsy McMinn

    3. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the email. It was great meeting you two at Pila’a!! I have a bunch of info for you from UH about this infectious white coral disease bacteria we are studying that is killing our corals at a rapid rate. It is now effecting some fish species and sea turtles! Lots of people are working on it in the lab. I can send you their reports. Please just email me normally at We have a new web for the disease at Let talk!! Aloha, Terry

    4. Hi Terry,

      Sorry to play phone-tag with you, still hoping to get in touch. Please send me a reply using this address if it suits you. We’re in Princeville close by and are hoping to meet with you soon!


    5. Hi Terry:

      Heard about your conference this weekend on Kauai. Carlos on KCCR radio mentioned that you would be a guest on the show next week.

      I am a new Oceanography student at HPU and an avid kayaker. Would it be possible for me to attend your meetings this weekend? I am on Oahu but could make it over. I am blown away by the severity of the reef degradation at Anini that was mentioned. Anini is one of my favorite places.

      Ken Cannon

    6. Aloha Terry,

      I want to thank you for all the caring you’ve done for this island. I just read about this in The Garden Island and am very upset of what is happening to our corals!

      I am a certified diver and would love to help. Also, I have some other friends who are certified that I am sure would like to help. We all live in the North Shore.

      I am very interesting in helping you reach out to more people and get something going on this. It blows me away there isn’t more attention (from people’s input, volunteering to funding) on this so I think it needs to be brought to light more.

      I would love to talk with you on some of the idea’s I have. It looks like I can email you at My email will be from

      Again, Mahalo Nui Loa for your concern. This island has given so much now it’s our turn to help her.

      Warm Regards,


    7. Will be visiting in August from oakland. Heard that Tulsi Gabbard is there (through KKCR) drawing attention to the problem. I was there last August and this is the first I have heard of this. Am not a registered diver, but a masters swimmer and willing to do anything to help before during and after our stay. This is extremely upsetting. It would be great if you had a list of things the average person could do to help. Not being a scientist or an educator, I feel helpless, but would love to be able to contribute in some way.

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