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Nudibranchs vs. Football

Nudibranchs vs. Football If you look close when you snorkel or scuba dive in Kauai you might find a bunch of worms! They are a tad bit prettier than the worms you may find in your garden. Nature makes some pretty impressive looking creatures and why these flat worms are so colorful, I am not Read More …

Crisis of Complacency

Crisis of Complacency Coral reefs are among the Earth’s most beautiful, ancient and complex ecosystems. Healthy coral reefs are some of the most biologically diverse and economically valuable ecosystems on earth, providing food, jobs, recreation, pharmaceuticals, coastal protection and other important functions to virtually everyone on the planet. Donate to our coral research: Save Hawaiian Read More …

Under the Surf (Surf Movie)

Under the Surf (Surf Movie) What makes a wave hollow?  What makes a long continuous surf break? Why are some of our favorite surf spots turning to mush? Terry Lilley answers these questions and more in his new video, Under the Surf (Surf Movie).