Category: Underwater

Sharks At Tunnels Reef

Tunnels Reef on the north shore of Kauai is a magical place to scuba dive and surf. It is actually a sunken volcano. You surf along the outer edge of this volcano where it is only a few feet deep but drops down to the bottom at 50 feet deep.

Greedy Eel in Hanalei Bay

Moray eels are common in Hawaii and they are usually very docile and will not bother people. The eels breath with their mouth, so when you see them their mouth is usually open showing their sharp teeth! They are not trying to bite. Just breathing. Only once have I had a big eel (puhi) bother Read More …

Sea Urchin Spawning in Kauai

While diving out at Futures reef a half mile outside of Hanalei Bay, I noticed something very strange at about 40 feet deep. I see a lot of large sea urchins (wana) on my dives but I just ignore most of them trying to avoid their long sharp spines. On this dive the water above Read More …