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Big Waves at Pukas

Big Waves at Pukas Because Kauai is a round island in the middle of the sea, you can find beautiful surf and diving as long as you want to drive a bit! Every few miles on Kauai has different waves, wind and reefs. Kauai is unique in this and that it is why it is Read More …

Under the Surf (Surf Movie) Premiere

Under the Surf (Surf Movie) Premiere Terry Lilley’s latest film, Under the Surf (Surf Movie), premiered on the big-screen yesterday at theVenue, a small indie theater/bar in Honolulu. The house was packed including luminaries from both the scientific and surfing communities. A lively discussion on the myriad issues facing Hawaii’s coral reefs followed.

Pipeline Dream

This video from Pipeline in Feb. 2012 was the best body boarding I have ever seen! I am doing an underwater video series about the reefs and marine life at our favorite surf spots called “Under The Surf, Surf Movie”.

Under the Surf -Surf Movie

This short video is a one of a kind! Each surf reef has its own ecosystem under the waves and these reefs are rarely documented until now. I use a small HD video camera to video the reefs at Pipeline, Wiamea Sunset Beach and other surf spots in Oahu and Kauai.

A Little Aloha From Kauai

Hi Ocean Lovers, Check out this Pipeline footage I shot two weeks ago of the best body board contest ever, along with some fun music! I was in Oahu shooting my next video all about the reefs under the famous surf spots for my next video, called “Under The Surf, Surf Movie”.

2011 Irons Pine Trees Classic

These pics are out of my HD video of the Irons Pine Trees Classic surf contest in 2011 in Hanalei. It was a great event and super good surfing! We were all sad as it was the first contest sponsored by the Irons Brothers since Andy passed away. We all felt he was there watching Read More …

Best of Surfing Gallery

This gallery is some of the surf pics out of my movies of Hanalei Bay and surrounding area. These pics we sell to help support our coral reef research project of which we will update with movies here on Most of the pictures also have a full video clip available