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NOAA Team Begin Reef Survey at Waipa

NOAA Surveys Kauai’s Coral Reefs Tuesday, the First NOAA survey of Kauai’s coral reefs documenting the cyanobacterial white coral disease began at Waipa. NOAA did transect surveys where they laid a tape measure on the reef and counted infected corals.

Roi Roundups Aid Ciguatera Research

KHON reported on Terry’s efforts to control the Roi population in Hanalei and his collaboration with the University of Hawaii and Fish 4 Science.  Click the link below to see the full story and video, and to see Terry’s work with KHON: Roi Roundups Assist Ciguatera Research. Fish4Science Program

Thick Goo Blankets Hanalei Bay

A KHON2 News Special interviewing Terry about the mud problem plaguing Hanalei Bay right now. In Terry’s words, “There is a two foot deep layer of real thick mud in Hanalei Bay right now that I feel, as a biologist, may be unhealthy to marinelife and humans. Can we have this stuff tested so if Read More …